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Coronary Stent Constant

High flexibility, optimum radial strength, uniform and open cell design, perfect choice for bifurcation cases. High quality polishing decreases the potencial risk of thrombasis and restenasis. The hydrophilic coating, carbon reinforced inner lumen and low balloon profile combine to improve pushability.

Coronary Stent Constant - Medical Devices Curitiba

Coronary Stent Constant - Medical Devices Curitiba

Brand:  Alvimedica

Diagnostic catheter

Catheter designed with everything that you need for your cardiac procedure, great torque rod with improved resistance to ensure better handling and large internal lumens to ensure the volume of flow.

Diagnostic catheter - Medical Devices Curitiba

Brand: MeritMedical
Comercial name: PERFORMA® Cardiac disagnosis catheter
Balloon catheters

Invader™ CTO
Invader™ CTO balloon provides an easy access to totally occluded coronary arteries maximizing procedural success.
Ultra Low distal tip and balloon profile for improved crossability;
Reinforced inner lumen for maximized pushability;
Flexible tip and Hydrophilic coating for ease delivery.

Invader™ PTCA
Invader™ PTCA catheter technology offers the right balance of Pushability, Trackability, and Crossability ensuring optimal balloon performance.
Low distal tip profile for improved crossability;
Reinforced inner lumen for maximized pushability;
Hydrophilic coating for easy delivery.

Ballon catheters - Medical Devices Curitiba
Brand: Alvimedica
Comercial name: Invader™ CTO and Invader™ PTCA
Catheters - Hemodynamic

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